Beverly Ruffner

Beverly Ruffner
(703) 969-4280

Beverly is commonly referred to as the energetic optimist. Beverly is known for her in depth understanding of their company’s market area and keeping the clients best interest as a number one priority. Her entrepreneurial attitude is always seeking for the highest levels of training to be the best and most knowledgeable team for their clients. She started her Real Estate career in 2005 for more of a challenge in life and business. Since then, she has attended several workshops, trainings, classes, and conventions. Beverly is a firm believer in utilizing the expertise of a coach both personal and professionally. Her purpose in life and what gets her out of bed in the morning is to assist others in getting out of their comfort zone and living a life to its fullest potential with purpose.

Agent Reviews

Will never recommend

Used someone from Beverlys team with Winetrail homes in 2016. We had 2 showings during our 6 month contract with her. One day after we took our home off of the market we were contacted by her informing us that someone wanted to view our home. She then sent his name and phone number to us so we could show them the house, instead of setting it up for us, I guess she had just given up on our home selling.

written on 3/10/2017 by user7106735 Listed, but didn't sell my home in 2016 in Tatum, Unionville, VA 22567.